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Plane Hunters Podcast

Jan 27, 2019

We had the chance to meet with the historian and author Dilip Sarkar Mbe and talk about his work and forthcoming book on 19 Squadron RAF. Dilip has been fascinated by the Second World War for a lifetime, his prolific work focused on the ‘human’ element of war. He is deeply moved by the stories of casualties –...

Jan 5, 2019

A wacky idea or practical concept? The Saunders Roe A1 was the world’s first jet fighter flying boat. In this podcast we visit the aircraft at the Solent Sky Museum and meet JO Lancaster, one of the original test pilots.

Jan 5, 2019

Laying in marshland not far from Porjus is the remains of an Avro Lancaster. It crashed in October 1944 after attacking the German battleship Tirpitz. In this podcast we look at her story and speak to Richard Woods who is trying to recover and preserve what remains of the aircraft.

Jan 5, 2019

The fascinating story of a P40 Kittyhawk aircraft that was lost in the desert for 70 years. It was discovered in 2012 only to disappear again. Andy is joined by Tony Dyer and Tim Cornish to discuss the P40 aircraft and this remarkable story.